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Eyal Evidov: An interview with Omri Levavi the CEO of Zero21


By: Eyal Avidov

An interview with Omri Levavi the CEO of Zero21

Due to the corona crisis, what changes in the job markets you can see?

We have noticed that there are many people who have lost their jobs. Some of these people are devastated but there are also some who are trying to reinvent their selves and want to create their dream job in the new marketplace. Now people have a lot of time and can deal with what really interests them and they want to do. But often they lack the right tools or experience.

Can you give me an example?

Of course, take someone who has been a product manager for many years, and now he lost his job. This person’s LinkedIn profile looked more like a resume file for 2013 than a virtual business card of the new world of work in 2020. In this case, we teach him how to turn his LinkedIn profile into a winning marketing tool. Look Eyal, we think every person has real value that he can give to the job market. Our job is to help him, find that value and, bring it out. Being a good professional is not enough anymore, you need to know what you do and how to make yourself known and desired.

How can you help with the LinkedIn profile?

We know what CEOs and head hunters look for and we also know the functions and algorithms of LinkedIn that you need to know to create an excellent profile. There are precise actions, tips, hashtags, and signal words that are detected and can make the success of a LinkedIn profile extremely high.

Sounds really interesting, can you give me an exact example or tool how you support with LinkedIn?

Sure. A good example is our very successful algorithm. We developed an algorithm especially for hashtags that pushes your LinkedIn account to the highest possible point. It detects the hashtags and approaches the right people automatically what enables the biggest possible impact.

Is there anything special you offer because of the corona crisis?

Yes of course. Online marketing is nowadays one of the most important tools for every entrepreneur and company and is also something that can be developed independently from the corona crisis. Therefore, we developed an algorithm for hashtags that pushes your LinkedIn account to the highest possible point. We provide this free online promotion for free. Furthermore, we give free webinars daily. In the webinars, we deal with the canvas business model, marketing, the lean start-up method, and much more.

Due to the corona crisis, many people have lost money and do not have many financial resources. Do you also offer support to these people?

For us, it is important to enabling all projects. Whether an entrepreneur wants to realize his dream or a company urgently needs a new database. We know that many different people have suffered from the corona crisis and that in general, not all people are in the financial position to realize their ideas. Therefore, we also help with funding. We have far-reaching networks and connections in the industry, VCs as well as private NGOs. We are definitely willing to help with the funding but it is not something that we can promise. BUT: in some of our programs, we raise between $60 000 and $100 000 for each product! All interested parties are welcome to apply. Furthermore, we focus on developing the MVP as fast as possible, which saves many working hours and enables to save many costs. But these are services we always offer.


Tell me about Zero21:

Our aim at Zero21 is to support technologies, to turn ideas into reality and make dreams come true. In order to achieve this, we combine business and technology. From our point of view, these components are mutually dependent and it is important to be well-positioned on both sides, otherwise, there will be no success. Therefore, we work in two parallel processes. In one process we create side by side the spec with you. When the product has a mental shape, we create the MVP, launch it, improve it, and launch it again until no more bugs are found and the product is perfectly adapted to the target group. Zero21 focusses on fast success by developing an MVP asap! This saves many hours of work enables fast progress. Parallel to this process, we settle the business side. We give mentorships and teach the canvas business model, make connections to our partners, and help to raise money.

Due to the corona crisis, a lot of people lost their jobs. Do you think this is the right time to start a new business?

Definitely. Since you will be spending a little more time at home these days than usual, this is exactly the right moment to put your business idea into practice! The rest of humanity also spends much time at home. App downloads are skyrocketing, learning platforms are at record highs and You-Tube channels have more clicks than ever before. Online business is booming.


Omri Levavi – Zero21 CEO

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